New Salem Missionary Baptist Church
Wednesday, January 28, 2015



Winners Are Workers

Romans 1:5

Is a Sermon from Dr. Frank E. Ray's Book
365  Days
By whom we have received grace and apostleship, for obedience to the faith among all nations, for his name:
    By whom we have received grace or conversion and apostleship or vocation.  The word apostle actually means sent one or sent out one.   In the broad sense every child of God is an apostle because we have been graced through conversion.  We have been saved by grace, which means we have been called but after conversion comes vocation.  God didn't call us just because he wanted to do something; He called us to work.  His fields are ready for harvesting, but there are not enough laborers.  
    Now I enjoy watching the NBA.  You know some of the fellows that dressed out never get to play; every game they're sitting on the bench.  Even when their team is losing, some of them never get to play.  It looks as though the coach is saying to them, "I'm going to let you just dress out and sit here."  Well that might be the mentality that many of us have. I'm going to show up with my uniform on, but I'm never going to hit the floor.  God is trying to find enough people that will get on the floor. 
    The NBA has it losing seasons but Christians don't ever lose.  As a matter of fact when you accept Christ as your Savior you're winning begins.  It's the only team where you are a winner first and then you play on the field.  If you're saved, you're no loser.  You might not have a car but you're not a loser.  You may not have a place to stay or anyone to call your own, but you're not a loser.  You might not have a job to go to but you aren't a loser because Christ paid the sin dent for us. 
    For obedience.  If you don't obey, it might be an indication that you haven't received grace.  If you've been saved, your new nature is at work.  If you don't work, you just might not be saved.  But the characteristic of a save person is an eagerness to go to work.  Winners are workers.